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Love in the Summer, but what about the Winter?
Love in the Summer, but what about the Winter?

Once again, Andrea Nemerson has written something that’s caught my attention.  She wrote about winter sex drive, and why some lack libido when the days shorten and get colder.  Her conclusion was that there is a neuropeptide amusingly called “kisspeptin” that regulates the release of libido enhancing hormones (in hamsters at least) which could be responsible for a lower libido in winter.

There may be something to that.  With the lack of sun and activity, our bodies slow down and go into a modified hibernation mode.  Many develop Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and need to take anti-depressants just to get through the winter season.  Others find their creativity and motivation levels decrease.  Still others actually LOVE this cold season and their activity levels, as well as their libido, go up.  There is an increase in children born in late summer/fall as a result of all those people coupling in the winter whether to keep warm, to stave off boredom or as a result of being ridiculously horny!

Whether your kisspeptins or other hormone levels are low in winter or not, there are plenty of ways to get out of the doldrums.

My Man in Marmot
My Man in Marmot

My man is a great example.  He is one of the lovers of the winter season.  He’s a powder junkie.  He absolutely loves going down a mountain on his snowboard getting faceshots from the fresh pow.  I call myself a Powder Widow as he’s gone most weekends hitting the slopes hard.  The benefit is that he’s horny as hell when he gets back!  Being in the fresh air does incredible things for his libido.

Try these tips when you’re feeling low in the winter:

1. Get outside! The daylight hours may be short, but a walk, skate, ski, snowball fight, snow angel or even shovel in the crisp air will invigorate you.

2. Do infrared.  Infrared light is what makes things grow.  Spending time in an infrared sauna will help increase your energy levels as well as many other benefits that a tanning bed can’t give you – and without the cancer risk!  Plus, you get to be naked and sweat (I nap, too) for half an hour.  Nice!

3. Set goals for yourself.  Make long term and short term goals.  The short term will give you something to strive for daily.  The long term will give you something to look forward to.  Be sure to break the long term into smaller chunks.

4. Have sex! Even if you don’t really feel like it, you might be surprised what can “come up” if you do it anyway.  Make everything you do about foreplay. Conversation – look deep into each other’s eyes.  Touch – pat your partner’s butt when you pass them, hold hands, stroke the face, etc.  Smell – wear your best fragrance.  Visual – light candles, set a beautiful table.  Food – feed each other with sexy food like strawberries, oysters, pomegranate, anything with a yummy sauce.  There are so many ways to make the everyday into foreplay!

All of these will help you tap into your sensual side which will help you have more motivation, even if the sun goes down before dinner time.

Have a great winter – and have plenty of sex – you may as well make use of all the darkness!

Hugs, Christie

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  1. Great article. I also find that keeping the sex drive up and used helps keep off the winter pounds that so often want to join you for the cold months.

    So many excellent reasons to keep the home fires burning!

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