What is Beauty?

What is Beauty?

What is beauty?

To start, let’s take a look at this horoscope I read this week:

“There’s only one correct way to spell the English word “beauty.”  But that wasn’t true centuries ago.  Before the advent of the printing press, orthographic anarchy prevailed for many words.  Some of beauty’s variations included: bewte, beaute, beaultye, beuaute, bealte, buute, bewtee, and beaultye.  I bring this up, Aquarius, because I think it would be fun and healthy for you to take a respite from having to slavishly obey standardized rules.  I’m talking about not just those that apply to spelling, but others, too.  See what you can get away with.”  (Freewill Astrology from Vue Magazine #920)

Kitties, my challenge to you is to apply this to YOUR personal life and your version of what is beautiful.


  • Just because the world tells us there is one “standard” for beauty, doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful.  “Spell” beauty your own way.  No matter what anyone else says, know that you ARE beautiful in the way that you love yourself for who you are, for what your body is and for what you want.
  • Are there rules or “standards” that you feel are holding you back, making you play small?  It’s time to make your own standards and leave the others behind.  Are you ready to step out?  Whether it is how you dress, what you do for a living or how you express yourself – or all of them – find your own truth, be true to YOU.
  • Is there something you really want?  A dream that keeps cropping up that you keep putting aside because of fear or the negative feedback of others?  Our heroes have gone against the “standard” of what is possible and made new things possible.  Are you willing to be a trailblazer?

I challenge you, kitty, whether it’s how you look at yourself in the mirror or how you choose to live you life, get past the standards and get to what you want!

You are gorgeous inside and out and your dreams are magnificent.  Refuse to let anyone tell you otherwise!

Be Beautiful.  Be YOU!

Hugs, Christie Mawer