Three Gifts to Give Yourself This Christmas

Give Yourself a Gift

I don’t have to tell you how busy this time of year gets.  Christmas can drive you mad.  The usual causes are taking on too much.  We women can tend toward this at any time of year, but this time ramps it up to a whole new level!

How many of these things are you taking on yourself?

  • decorating the house
  • baking
  • making the Christmas gift list
  • buying ALL the gifts for family and friends (and maybe even your own gift from your spouse)
  • wrapping all the gifts
  • shopping for the meal
  • cooking the meal
  • writing cards
  • sending cards
  • making planning calls for parties and get togethers
  • making sure everyone is happy on the big day
  • and I’m sure I’m forgetting a thing or two!

We’ve spoken here in The Bad Kitty Blog in the past about the importance of delegation, the Christmas martyr syndrome and letting things go.  In addition, it’s important to give Christmas gifts to yourself.

Here are some suggestion for you:

  • The gift of relaxation: Even if it’s only a few minutes a day, you need it!  A beautiful smell is a great way to help you relax.  These Earthy Body candles not only smell great, they are also great for your skin (they are soy candles so they aren’t very hot.  You can pour them on your body) and they’re made with natural oils such as hemp, avacado, vitamin E and apricot.  They are also non-toxic and vegan.  Available in a wide variety of scents from musky to fruity.
  • The gift of something sexy: You have parties to go to.  You  may also want to have some bedroom fun to take the stress down a few notches.  Corsets are a great accessory for both!  Available in regular and plus sizes as well as underbust styles, corsets are  wonderful way to accentuate your figure and make you feel amazing.  I also love that they help my posture.  You can also add wonderful accessories like stockings or frilly panties and shoes to add to the sexy factor.
  • The gift of taking care of your needs:  There are many ways of doing this.  Speaking your mind, asking for help and so on.  One area that doesn’t get talked about much are your sexual needs.  Sometimes you just have to do it yourself!  Get yourself some great toys, lubes and so on to help you get what you need whether it’s with a partner or alone.  You deserve it!
  • BONUS AND MOST IMPORTANT- THE GIFT OF LOVE: When you spend time with those you love this year, be present with them.  It’s not about things.  It’s not about the perfect meal.  It’s about connecting with your loved ones.  Take some deep breaths and let the extras be.  You will have so much more fun!

Whatever you decide on, be sure to be good to yourself at this time – and all times – of year.  Giving yourself good things will create a happier you who will have more energy, more love, more joy to do all those things you want to do for your family and friends.  Go and give yourself some gifts this Christmas!

You even have a chance this week to check out some great ways to treat yourself – and others – at the Last Day of Shopping Open House this Sunday December 9.  Godiva’s Toy Chest, Epicure, Fifth Avenue Jewelry, Partylite and Isagenix all in one place!

Hugs, Christie (please be sure to put “the bad kitty” in the comments section when you make an order)