The Secret to a Happy Valentine’s Day (and life) – Loving Yourself

The Secret to a Happy Life – Love Yourself

Yesterday I was listening to a story of a women with Cerebral Palsy.   CP effects your motor functions and communication.  This woman speaks with a  touch pad as she can only vocalize grunts and laughter and the only part of her body she has full control over is her index finger.  The theme of the show (DNTO on CBC) was body image so the host, Sook-Yin, asked her what she sees when she looks in the mirror.  Her answer, “I’m f-ing hot.”

If someone asked you the same question, what would your answer be?

This woman obviously loves herself.  She understands her extreme challenges and how others see her as stupid, asexual and weird yet she knows who she is and loves her intelligence, her creativity and, yes, her body.

With Valentine’s Day knocking on our doorstep, the idea of love is right in our face.  The nature of this day is to look outside you for who you love – spouse, partner, friends, family.  But what about loving youself?  You may have heard this before and it bears repeating – no one can truly love you unless you love yourself.

The secret to a Happy Valentine’s Day – and a happy life – is simple, loving yourself.  No matter what others may say or do; their misconceptions, rejection, thoughtless moments and so on, it’s important to count on one person to love you.  You.

Start practicing these habits, and you will have a Happy Valentine’s Day every day.

  • Tell yourself something positive EVERY time you look in the mirror.
  • Celebrate your successes.  No matter how small the step, acknowledge that you are making progress.
  • Laugh.  Laughter is good exercise, it’s good for the facial muscles and for your spirit.  Learn to laugh at yourself especially.  We all make mistakes, do things that are goofy or ill advised.  Laugh and move on determined to be your best.
  • Dress your best.  No matter your body type, you can look amazing in your clothes.  Get a good handle on what’s best for you in style and color and stick with it.
  • Walk with confidence.  It’s amazing how lifting your head, swinging your hips and putting your shoulders back brings up your feeling of worth and joy.
  • Give yourself gifts.  To celebrate your success, to acknowledge your amazing-ness, or just because, buy yourself flowers, a treat you usually deny yourself, something you’ve been putting off.  Be as good to yourself as you want others to be.
  • Challenge yourself.  When you feel stuck, lost or bored, shake yourself up.  Doing new things will build confidence and self love.

Live your life as if you are your lover, as if every day is February 14.  Love yourself and others will follow.   And when others disappoint, you always have you.  Love, love, love baby!

Hugs, Christie Mawer – The Bad Kitty