The Power of the Boob


BoobQuake_480x360Have you ever heard something that made you shake your head in disbelief and laugh at the same time?
I had one of those experiences today.  Earlier this year, a high ranking cleric in Iran, Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi, stated “Many women who do not dress modestly … lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes.”  Did you catch that last part?  Increases earthquakes? Wah?  That would be the head shake part.

Then a woman decided to test the theory.  Jen McCreight called it Boobquake.  Through Facebook and Twitter 200,000 women the world over participated in the “experiment” by wearing cleavage bearing outfits to test if earthquakes would increase.  Surprisingly, there was no change in earthquake activity.  Now that makes me smile and boobquake, come on, that’s funny!

What’s not so funny is that we women still have to fight to prove that we have the right to dress as we like and be who we are.  As Jen said on an interview today on Your DNTO on CBC radio, the attempt to keep women covered is an attempt to minimize their power.

Yes, YES!  Women are still being told to hide who they are and to be ashamed of their bodies because the powers that be (mainly men) know that if we are let loose, the world will change.  We won’t cause earthquakes, but the earth will quake!  When women truly own the power of who they are they use their power for good.  They bring people together in wonderful ways.  They nurture and create.  They encourage others to grow and make a difference in their world.

So what are we afraid of, people?  Couldn’t the world – and our immediate circle – use more of those things?  If it takes a little cleavage to make it happen, wear that v-neck and make it happen!

Own who you are.  Love your body.  Love yourself.  And, by extension, love everyone you come into contact with and make the earth move, baby.  You have the power!

Love, Christie


  1. I love it! Repressing sexuality and sensuality entraps everyone. Being open and honest about it frees everyone. I look forward to the day when we can focus on being better human beings and not on clothes.

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