The Bad Kitty Recommends

The Bad Kitty Recommends
The Bad Kitty Recommends

In 2002 I took a course called The Mastery of Self Expression.  If you’ve read The Bad Kitty Handbook, you’ve read about this amazing course.  The Bad Kitty recommends this course with every fiber of my being.  It is the one course I’ve taken, and continued to be involved in, that has made the biggest impact on my life.

After a 5 year absence, this remarkable weekend is returning to Alberta. It will be in Edmonton on September 18-20 and Calgary October 16-18.

It was first presented in L.A. in 1976 to actors by director Dan Fauci.  He felt that actors were becoming worn down by rejection and the expectations of their profession and wanted to give them a place to blossom and rediscover their passion and individuality.  Before long, he realized that it wasn’t just actors who needed this gift and he opened it up to “regular” folk as well.

Since then, The Mastery has spread across the U.S. and overseas to England, Australia and Canada, among others. It has served 10s of 1000s of people, allowing them to shed the standards put upon them by others, the hurts they’ve carried and the walls they’ve built to move on to a fuller, bigger, more exciting life.

The stated purposes of the Mastery are to:

  • discover yourself as the source of your own creativity, spontaneity, joy, anger, passion and so on.  YOU are in control of your life and how you respond to the stimuli around you.
  • go from a position of fogginess and unconsciousness to a position of consciousness and clarity. In other words, to be present in your life.
  • discover what you want and what stops you from getting it.

This workshop is not about fixing. It’s about discovering.  We are all PERFECT JUST AS WE ARE. Mastery helps you find the places you’re holding back, the messages that you’ve taken on that are not serving your perfection, to know that you always have a choice and how to choose what works for YOU!

One of the things about Mastery that makes it different from most other courses out there is that it is not about the facilitator, it is about the participants.  It is highly experiential and the “back row” of facilitators main purpose is to hold the space and take the participants through what they need to get what they want out of the weekend.

That said, we are so very privileged to have one of the most experienced facilitators with us for Alberta. Larry Gilman has been presenting The Mastery with Dan Fauci in L.A. and in Vancouver since the early 80’s.  An actor and director himself, he is one of the most authentic, present, giving and intuitive people I’ve ever met.  Along with 3 other back row facilitators (including myself in Edmonton), he will serve the participants of the upcoming Masteries as only he can!

If you are curious about The Mastery, there are some information sessions coming up:  September 3 in Edmonton and September 23 in Calgary.

If you are led to take the course, you can register with Kim Deep at If you have questions, you can contact myself of Kim.

The Bad Kitty recommends this course highly, enthusiastically and humbly to anyone looking to break through their walls, live a fuller life and be true to who they are in every moment with every one.

See you at The Mastery!


Christie Mawer – The Bad Kitty