Monday, December 18, 2017

Setting Selfish Goals

There’s something about a new year that gives us hope for self improvement. The chance to correct all the mistakes we’ve made so far. The opportunity to be more than you were and closer to the perfection you envision. No pressure. And then it all falls apart in a few weeks or, if you’re especially motivated, a few months.

It’s Playtime! – Feline Life Lesson #4

No matter their age, cats always play. All it takes is a long piece of fabric dangling or a twist tie on the floor or a laser pointer (or other point of light), and away they go! Suddenly, it's playtime! Humans, on the other hand, often forget to play. As we get older it starts to seem frivolous. It becomes something we have to plan or coordinate. If we do it at all. I have a friend who's favorite question when getting to know people is "what do you do for fun?" It is remarkable how many people can't even answer that question.

Ask for What You Want – Feline Life Lesson #3

Do you ask for what you want? The only way to get what you want is to ask for it. It sounds so basic and yet so often we expect our mind to be read. "If he loves me, he should know what I want." "I really want that promotion. I'm sure my boss will see that I'm the best person for the job." When we don't get what we want even though we didn't ask for it, we get all bent out of shape. "I can't believe he got me THAT!" "Really? I'm am so much more qualified than she is!"

Feline Life Lessons #2 – Take Naps

Cats have it figured out! I look at my cats all the time and wish that if there is a next life that I will come back as a well loved house cat. What a life! Sleep, eat, get love, repeat.

Feline Life Lessons #1

Feline Life Lessons #1: DON'T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY My chocolate Siamese, Marlowe, has this lesson down. He likes to sleep with me at night. He will snuggle right next to me. If he was bigger, you would say he was spooning. He usually wraps up right behind my knees. Unfortunately sometimes he curls up before I'm completely settled. In these cases he will get moved, bumped and even knocked off the bed while I'm trying to get comfortable. It doesn't faze him at all. He just keeps coming back and laying down. Eventually, I will be settled and so will he.

Judging Things by Their Skin

I'm certainly not immune judging things by their skin. I've met many people that I thought were one way from first impressions and discovered I was completely wrong. Whether it's the way they dress, how they speak, their face, their gender, their race - there are a lot of outer features we use as guides to make an initial judgement.

The Three Instincts

August has been a month of inspiration for me.  I was in Edinburgh, Scotland with my man, sister and brother in law for the...

Princess Craze

Playing princess is not inherently a bad thing - whether it's your girl or your boy. It's one of many ways that children explore who they are and what is possible in their lives. It doesn't mean they're going to want to "be a princess" when they grow up. Unless, of course, they get the message that that's the best option along with the dresses and shoes.

Taming of the Shrew

This is a difficult show to swallow and yet, when you look deeper, it's actually very true to life. Remove some of the offensive language, some of the old ideas and you see some very true mirrors of relationships.

I Might Have to Change My Name!

Recently I was listening to a comedian who compared women to dogs and men to cats. What! If this is true, I might have to change my name!