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pole dancer silouetteMany of you may be wondering, “OK, I get all the sensuality is being in touch with the world around you stuff. But I really read this blog because I want to be sexier. Did I get ripped off?”

Unequivocally, NO! Being in touch with your sensuality is also about being in touch with who you are as a sexual being. It’s all part and parcel. You can’t separate the body, mind and soul.

Many of us, especially women, have lost touch with the sensuality of our bodies. There are many reasons for this:

· fear of being seen as a slut

· sexual abuse

· caregiving everyone else and leaving self to last

· unfulfilling sex lives

· discomfort with being seen as a sexual being

· unfamiliarity with our own bodies and what we like

· taboos around being sexual

Which one of these, or combination of them, is you?

Working through body and mind issues around this side of sensuality can be extremely difficult. That’s one reason I love teaching pole dancing. It cuts through all the mind chatter and allows a woman to just be in her juice, her sex, her body, her all over sensuality. When we dance for ourselves with no one to impress, no audience, no male involvement, it becomes a completely new creature. We become a completely new creature!

There is a freedom and magic that happens on the pole. The pole doesn’t judge, he is simply there to support you on your journey. There are many moves you can learn on the pole ranging in difficulty which we will look at. You can do everything from simply walking around to spinning and turning upside down. And it really doesn’t matter! It doesn’t even matter if you’re doing them perfectly. You want to be safe and dance in a way that won’t be harmful to you and you don’t want to go upside down before you’re ready and land on your head! Once you put aside the need to be perfect, to work hard so you can do the “hard” stuff and simply enjoy the movement, the support and the music, your sensuality will emerge. The mind chatter will leave. The personal judgment will subside. The girl who wants to play and feel will peak her head around the corner then come out and give it her all.

I have seen this happen to so many people that I can say without hesitation that it will happen to you! One student, LeeAnne (names changed) said: “ I just wanted to thank you for doing the pole dancing lessons. I’ve noticed a difference in myself right from how I walk to how I think of my body. Even my husband has noticed a change! It’s amazing how pole dancing has made me feel sexy, even after 3 kids!” Coreen says: Christie, since having you in my home for a pole dancing party the perception of myself, has changed. I am not JUST a mom or a wife, I am a WOMAN. My life has changed and I am now willing to step out of the box. I have even posed for boudoir photos. (for my husband of course). Thank you for inspiring me, and others, the way you do, with the simple introduction to “Mister Romeo” (what I call my pole).

Don’t have a pole? No problem. They are readily available. I recommend Li’l Minx brand which you can purchase on my website www.thebadkitty.com as they are the highest quality on the market and are available in a number of different types to fit your situation.

Not quite ready to go to that expense? We will discuss chair, floor and wall moves as well – all of which can give you the same benefits as the pole. It’s all about playing. Let your sensual kitten out for a romp and see what happens!

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