It’s Playtime! – Feline Life Lesson #4

It's Playtime!
It’s Playtime!

The next several posts will be related to a new book I’m working on.  The title – at this time – is Feline Life Lessons.  The short life lessons will be accompanied by cat pictures.  The pictures will be of my cats and those of my friends/followers.  So, if you have cats and some good shots of them, if you feel inspired by the lessons I will cover over the next several posts, please send them along.  You will, of course, get full credit for your pic(s).

It’s Playtime! – Feline Life Lesson #4

No matter their age, cats always play.  All it takes is a long piece of fabric dangling or a catnip mouse on the floor or a laser pointer (or other point of light), and away they go!  Suddenly, it’s playtime!

Humans, on the other hand, often forget to play.  As we get older it starts to seem frivolous.  It becomes something we have to plan or coordinate.  If we do it at all.  I have a friend whose favorite question when getting to know people is “what do you do for fun?”  It is remarkable how many people can’t even answer that question.

Let’s take a clue from cats young and old – playtime is a good thing!

  • It keeps us fit.
  • It keeps us engaged in life.
  • It makes us laugh.
  • It keeps us young.

And who doesn’t want that?

There are many ways to have fun, and we all like different things.  Even cats have different tastes.

I have to keep elastic bands away from my Siamese Marlowe otherwise he rips them apart.  My no longer with us orange tabby Griffon loved twist ties.  Izzy, the Abyssinian, will play with anything he finds laying on the floor, attached to with window or your fingers.

A few years ago while browsing a toy store in Banff, my man and I found a toy called “Cat in a Bag”.  It was a paper bag with a ball and motor in it attached to a tail sticking out of the bag that twisted and turned around on the floor.  We bought it, certain the cats would love it.  They did not!  They ran from it.

On the other hand, give them a simple burlap bag filled with catnip or honeysuckle and you can’t keep it away from them as they rub their face and roll all over it.

What you find fun isn’t the same as what others find fun.  For example, I hate games like Risk, Monopoly and Scrabble – anything that requires a lot of strategy and/or takes a long time for each person to take a turn.  I love quick, creative games like Pictionary, Scattegories and Cranium.   I’m not big on team sports, but I like activities like dancing, bowling, cross country skiing and sledding.

What do you find fun?

With the holidays approaching, there will be a lot of opportunities to have fun with family and friends.  Use this time as a chance to reignite your play.

  • Take some time to reflect on what you find fun.
  • Don’t let your age deter you from fun – you’re never too old.
  • Seek out opportunities to do what you enjoy – take a class, go to a board game cafe, join a meet up group – there are so many options!
  • Spend time with children and allow them to guide the play – they’re much better at it!

Remember every day – It’s Playtime!

Have fun!

Christie Mawer – The Bad Kitty