Friday, October 19, 2018

Why do you want best selling author Christie Mawer, The Bad Kitty at your next event?

  • an out of the box approach – a new spin on old topics
  • the audience will be alive and energized
  • people will be laughing and talking about their experience long after the event
  • movement – physical, emotional and psychological
  • enthusiasm – her own and the participants
  • you will have a totally memorable event and receive outstanding feedback
  • that WooHoo feeling

Christie is trained in Accelerated Learning techniques and has studied with the Coaches Training Institute. With her background as an actor and instructor, combined with her other training, she creates an immediate connection with her audience that takes their experience to whole new level of learning and acceptance.

To schedule a workshop for your group at a time and place that works for you, please contact: or call directly at 780-893-9754

“Initially Christie and I had to work out how the activity would be introduced to the attendees. The intention was to provide connections, fun, and create memories at our two day Meet YOU event. Our group is a conservative business organization and I was not sure what the particiaption rate would be. To my surprise, Christie was not only able to gain acceptance but the group was engaged and participated fully. Christie’s session was the kick off to the event on the first night and the women connected with each other in the first exercise Christie did with them. Christie’s session helped set the tone for the event. We all had such a good time together. It was lovely to see all the women dancing together, laughing and enjoying. Christie was able to provide a fabulous and fun presentation that made us all want to just dive in and play.”
-Joanne Vacing Executive Managing Director EWomen

Christie is available for KEYNOTES, BREAK OUT SESSIONS, HALF OR FULL DAY WORKSHOPS. All topics below can be modified for the needs of YOUR organization.


FOR WOMEN ONLY: HERE KITTY, KITTY – DISCOVER YOUR BAD KITTY (Beautiful Authentic Divine Kompletely Individual Totally True YOU)

When a woman owns her own unique beauty (inside and out) without feeling the need to change or improve, her world will change and the world as a whole will change. – Christie Mawer

This is an interactive session including diad and group activities.

  • Content includes the definition of sensuality, the martyr complex and true beauty.
  • Women are encouraged to express their personal beauty and goals.
  • Participants will feel more confident and have a blast
  • The women will feel more connection to each other
  • Can include chair and wall and/or pole dancing – time and space permitting.

“Christie spoke at our Newcomers meeting and brought the evening alive with her authentic sensuality! The talk she gave was interesting and inspiring. She delivered the talk to a group of 40 ladies and the whole room was captivated. She made us all feel comfortable and relaxed. Then came the FUN part!!! We watched Christie perform some chair dancing moves and with little hesitation we all launched into trying the sensual moves ourselves. We are looking forward to having Christie back in the future!”

— Miriam Anderson St.Albert Newcomers


“In all of us there is a desire to be seen for who we really are. In all of us there is a fear of being seen for who we really are. Only when we release the fear can we have the power to communicate effectively.” – Christie Mawer

Learn how to be authentic from the stage and let your personality shine through even if you’re presenting someone else’s material.
Learn Accelerated Learning techniques and how they keep an audience engaged and participating (never hear crickets after you ask a question again!)
Plenty of opportunities to practice techniques will be given to the participants.
Gain confidence in front of groups of any size and receptiveness
Actually LOVE and CRAVE the opportunity to speak
“Christie is a dynamic, powerful and fun business woman and author. I love working with her! It’s always fun and she’s quick to move into action and produce results. Christie is a rare combination of integrity and fun that makes business not only profitable but enjoyable.” Bryce Winter, Owner MarkBrand Group


“Only when every person feels heard, respected and useful does a team really become the team we are looking to be.” – Christie Mawer

  • A unique team building experience including theatre games, connection exercises and, if requested, dance (women only groups)
  • Establish a connection in the group deeper than ever before
  • Discover how each person contributes to the team and their strengths
  • Have a blast in mind expanding group exercises
  • Each participant will gain a greater appreciation of their team members – and themselves

“Christie always adds an element of fun and a little touch of wicked to every presentation. The Fabulous@50 women had a great time and Christie presented her work with her usual grace and professionalism.”
Dianna Bowes – Fabulous@50 Experience

Contact for booking and other information.