Healing Power of Heels

Love Your Heels, Love You

Not everyone likes heels.  Some women hate them.  Podiatrists and chiropractors will tell you to avoid them like the plague.  Poorly made ones can be extremely uncomfortable.  And yet, there’s something about wearing a great pair of heels that can be transformational.

Recently I was shopping with my sister.  I was trying on dresses and wasn’t sure if I liked one as much as everyone else seemed to.  Then I put on a pair of heels.  My sister said with surprise, “wow, your posture just completely changed!”  And I bought the dress.

Heels make you stand differently.  They make you walk differently.   They make you feel differently.

You may have noticed, however, that not everyone has the same positive reaction to heels.  Some people look incredibly uncomfortable in heels.   It’s not necessarily that the shoes are uncomfortable.  It’s more that they’re uncomfortable in the shoes.

There can be a few reasons for this:

  • she doesn’t usually wear them
  • they’re taller or smaller than she’s used to
  • she isn’t comfortable with the attention she recieves in those shoes
  • she isn’t comfortable with the way she feels in the shoes – the sexual/sensual energy they create

Let’s address the last two.  Wearing heels with attitude are a reflection of confidence.

Have you ever seen two women walking together wearing similar shoes and one is striding along with a swing in her hips and her head held high while the other is mincing along looking slightly anxious?  Their attire is reflecting how they feel internally.

There is a thought that if you change the way you dress, the way you look, what you do for a living your life will transform.  Yes and no.  It may or

Strut Your Stuff

may not work – temporarily.  In the long run no matter how many external changes are made, the internal feelings will eventually show up.  That great outfit may make you feel ultra sexy one day and the next, the magic seems to have disappeared.

What’s a girl to do?

Confidence comes from the inside and is then expressed on the outside.  We’ve spoken about confidence here before.  Your external expression helps you build your confidence and, at the same time, you can’t rely on externals alone to change how you feel about yourself.

As you work on your confidence internally, have some fun with it on the outside.

  • try clothes that are out of your comfort zone
  • get a makeover
  • wear heels!

Heels change how you carry yourself.  When you let them do their magic, they will boost your confidence.

Are you a non heel wearer?  Does the idea of walking in them give you an anxiety attack?  Do you wonder why you aren’t as confident as you want to be?

How about a full day to learn and grow in your confidence?  Check out The Bad Kitty’s new class coming in September: How to Walk in High Heels and Other Secrets of Confident Women.

Until then, challenge yourself, play and be patient as you figure things out.   You are amazing and beautiful just as you are, now for you to own it!