Dance, Dance, Dance – No Matter What


war-dance-203x300Dance is a powerful force.  If there was any doubt about it, the documentary I saw the other day, War Dance, puts it to rest.   The story is based in Northern Uganda, which is a war zone.  It follows 3 children (13,13 and 14) who are about to go to Kampala (the capital) for a dance competition.

Been there, seen it.  No, wait, you haven’t.  These kids have been, literally, through hell and are still living it.  From being orphaned, to mom being forced to bury dad’s hacked up body in the fields with her own hands and forced to hide in the bush for weeks in fear waiting for mom to return, to being abducted by the rebels and forced to kill – these kids are not ordinary or suffering through “normal” childhood trauma.  On top of it all they are now living in a refugee camp with very little resources in conditions we westerners can only imagine (and shudder at the imagining).

Thankfully, they do have schooling which includes music (Western school trustees, take note!) and the school, for the first time, has been chosen to go to a music competition featuring schools from across the country.

What makes this story incredible is how these children, despite their situation, are positive about the future and find dance to be a release from the pain and sadness they experience every day.

The face says it all!
The face says it all!

At the opening of the movie, Rose says (and Dominic echoes it later), “Even though we are from the war zone, we can do good things.”  Over and over all three children talk about how dance makes all the bad things melt away and I have no doubt it serves a large role in keeping them positive and forward thinking.

So, my lovelies, what pain and troubles are you going through?  As big as our stuff feels, I’m pretty sure that for the most part it doesn’t hold a candle to what these children, and the 60,000 other people who live in this one camp (not to mention the 2 million others in camps around the country) go through daily.

Take a page from War Dance and remember the power of music and dance.  When things are at their worst, find a way to dance.  Go out with friends or dance in your room.  Move your body and you will shift your mind!  There’s nothing better than dance to take you out of your head – where we spend way too much time.

Play, enjoy and see what changes happen to your mood, your motivation and your life!

You deserve the very best, so dance your way along the road.

Hugs, Christie

Be Beautiful, Be YOU!


  1. I love to dance. Whenever I am getting into a down mood I just pick a few of my favourite songs and dance until I feel better. Great for the body, the mind, and the soul!

  2. I love that film! It’s wonderful to watch those kids recovering their joy of living and their dignity. The scene in which they perform their tribal war dance is unforgettable. It’s true that everything can be taken away from us, except for the freedom to choose the way we react to whatever comes our way.

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