Friday, February 23, 2018


Three Gifts to Give Yourself This Christmas

I don't have to tell you how busy this time of year gets. Christmas can drive you mad. The usual causes are taking on too much. We women can tend toward this at any time of year, but this time ramps it up to a whole new level!

The Keys to Elusive Female Sexual Satisfaction

In the end, I hate to tell you this, ladies; sex is like everything else in your life, you are responsible to get what you want. The only person we can blame for not getting what we want is ourselves. Like any goal or dream, we only get what we're willing to ask and work for.

Healing Power of Heels

Recently I was shopping with my sister. I was trying on dresses and wasn't sure if I liked one as much as everyone else seemed to. Then I put on a pair of heels. My sister said with surprise, "wow, your posture just completely changed!" And I bought the dress.

You are Responsible for Your Own O-Really

Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want. ~Joseph Wood Krutch

What Sensuality Isn’t

This last weekend I met a woman at  a workshop who was encouraged to express her sensual side.  She was rigid and resistant - until the end of the weekend.  I didn't get  a...

Oh Ya, OOOOOO Ya, That’s It!

The things we get obsessed with is always a source of amusement - and sometimes frustration - for me.  We've talked about female libido enhancers, H1N1, cougars and Glee among other things on these...

Men, Help Your Woman with Her Sex Drive

How perfect.  Last blog post I ended by saying, "Men, we’ll talk to you another time about what you can do to help."  Then the other day I received a question from a client...

Female Viagra – Yes or No?

I'm so tired of hearing about libido enhancers for women.  I'm tired of hearing the sex experts talk about all the ways you can help your libido through masturbation, role play, etc. I think that...

How Far is Too Far?

There has been a lot of talk in the last week regarding a photo shoot for GQ featuring three of the stars of Glee.  It is a risque shoot with the three stars who...

Women Rock the House at Any Age!

We women have spent many years bemoaning the fact that men rule the world and we're the accessories. This seems especially true in the entertainment industry. Actresses, if they haven't made it by 30, are basically screwed. On air personalities, once they hit middle age are usually replaced or put on the back burner whereas men often work well into their senior years. Oh, how unfair, we whine. Well, my dears, the times they seem to be a-changing.