Friday, January 19, 2018


Body Love

As someone who spent a good portion of my life analyzing what I would change about myself if I had the opportunity, I am very sensitive to anything that shows people loving themselves as...

Huffington Repost

What could I possibly add to this amazing post - and great title: HOW TO GET FLAT ABS, HAVE AMAZING SEX AND RULE THE WORLD IN 8 EASY STEPS Simply brilliant.  Here's a recap -...

Change Your Mind With Your Body

Part of "faking it" is how you hold your body. Standing up straight, smiling, open postures and so on help you feel good and confident. Crossing your arms, slouching, scowling all make you feel small and less confident. It's a well documented fact that how you hold your body affects how you feel.

Cameron Russell on Modelling

Cameron Russell is a model. She says she "won the looks lottery". Few of us can say that. We all have something beautiful about us, but not everyone has the looks that are idealized by society. And we end up beating ourselves up about it for our whole lives.

3 Myths About Sensuality

It's been awhile since we've talked about Sensuality.  Being Sensual - owning your sensuality - is my core message and the key to accepting that you are amazing and beautiful just as you are;...

5 Ways to Express Your Emotions

Last time we talked about expressing your emotions. The problem is, sometimes it's hard to get them out - once you know what you're actually feeling. Today let's talk about five ways to express your emotions safely and effectively.

3 Tips for Living Baggage Free

Have you ever noticed that when you don't deal with your emotions they come back to bite you in the ass?  Have you noticed that when you get them out, they dissipate and change?...

Live YOUR Life NOW

Earlier this week we lost a beautiful Bad Kitty - Annette Funicello.  Annette was 70 and died of complications of MS which she was diagnosed with in the 90's.  Annette had a long life...

Dance No Matter Who is Watching

Do you like to dance?  Did you used to like to dance?  Why don't you dance?  There are many reasons mostly stemming back to some sort of rejection or negative comment around our dancing....

Cats Can Be Jerks

The truth is, cats can be jerks. And so can we. The question is, will you let that stop you from being you and getting what you want? Doesn't it seem like no matter what we do, someone will think we're acting inappropriately, being mean, going against the grain, being selfish, not doing enough, being too big (or small), dreaming too much (or not enough or even wrong), too political, going overboard, not trying hard enough and so on? So if others are going to have an opinion no matter what you do, why not do what makes YOU happy?