Tuesday, January 16, 2018


The Three Instincts

August has been a month of inspiration for me.  I was in Edinburgh, Scotland with my man, sister and brother in law for the first part of the month.  In addition to castles, caverns...

Princess Craze

Playing princess is not inherently a bad thing - whether it's your girl or your boy. It's one of many ways that children explore who they are and what is possible in their lives. It doesn't mean they're going to want to "be a princess" when they grow up. Unless, of course, they get the message that that's the best option along with the dresses and shoes.

I Might Have to Change My Name!

Recently I was listening to a comedian who compared women to dogs and men to cats. What! If this is true, I might have to change my name!

Lessons from Queen

Adam Lambert had big shoes to fill. Freddie Mercury is a legend. Even though I never had the opportunity to see him live, his reputation certainly precedes him. Adam didn't try to imitate or overshadow Freddie. He was the perfect mix of respect and individuality. His 5 costume changes and respectful pauses as video of Freddie played during Bohemian Rhapsody showed the right amount of bluster and reverence.

Seven Secrets of Sexy

Sexy is about what draws people to you. It is an aura you carry with you. It is a way of being that portrays your best self in every situation. There are Seven Secrets of Sexy. If you have, or can cultivate, these seven things, you are sexy. The more you have, the sexier you are.

Because I’m Happy

I have news for you - life is short. Why not be happy NOW. Why not choose to be happy? Why not see all the wonderful things you have rather than focusing on what you don't?

3 Stages to Stretching Your Comfort Zone

I've been thinking lately that it's been far too long since I've done something to stretch my comfort zone.  Honestly, mine is pretty broad so it's hard to stretch it.   The problem is,...

5 Keys of Sensuality

Be your sensual self. Use these 5 keys of sensuality daily. Remember, you are a Bad Kitty; Beautiful, Authentic, Divine, Kompletely, Individual, Totally, True, YOU!

Release Expectations in 5 Steps.

Now, let's take a look at expectations. Sometimes we get confused and feel compliments and expectations, if not the same, are at least close cousins. They are actually not even in the same family.

3 Reasons to Accept Compliments

Accepting compliments. It seems like a simple thing. Someone says something nice to you, you thank them and enjoy the fact that you've been seen and acknowledged. Yet, in our society, we're taught that we must be "humble" so we have forgotten how to accept compliments just in case we get a big head and become proud. Hogwash! One of my purposes in life is to get people to accept compliments graciously. Pretending that you aren't worthy of a compliment doesn't serve anyone.