Tuesday, January 16, 2018

body image

Lighter or Darker – How About Being What You Are?

I've ranted before about how we have the right to look like and be who we are. We are all so amazing in our differences. We are all created perfect as we are. And everywhere we look we are told we need to change. It's so hard to fight when the messages inundate us in hundreds of ways every day.

Free to Be the Real Me

It's time to say STOP! It's time to say ENOUGH! It's time to say I LOVE ME JUST AS I AM NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY!


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Change How You See

What it boils down to is being willing to see the good rather than what we may deem inadequate. Change how you see, not how you look. This applies to who you are as much as it does to how you look. Rather than beating yourself up for what's not working, for what you have challenges with; celebrate what you can do, what you're great at, the successes you've had and how far you've come on your journey.

I Love Myself Today, but Maybe Not Tomorrow

Recently I was at an event where body image was one of the many issues dealt with for the participants.  One of the participants had revealed indirectly while sharing about other things that he had...

Change is Good – Honest

Recently I was asked by a client, "When should a woman stop showing her cleavage?  Should wrinkles (neck and chestbone area) matter?" Sounds like the media machine glorifying youth is having an effect. There are...

Caution, Curves Ahead

For it's Spring 2010 edition, (see more shots on the site) is featuring REAL women with REAL curves and are not photoshopping out the rolls or making them slimmer through computer magic. Another check in the column of Be Beautiful, Be YOU!!!

The Sensual Life #1 – The Girl in the Mirror – Like What You...

It's hard for we women to gain some perspective on what we really look like.  We usually see something that isn't really there when we look in the mirror. Here's a little activity for you...


Barbie turned 50 this week. The iconic doll that has been played with by thousands of girls is an old lady. Boy, she ages well! There are many debates around the...