Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Let’s Get Naked

Sheila Kelley is the force behind the pole dancing trend for women's empowerment and fitness. Her book, The S Factor, has inspired thousands of women, including me. A few years ago she did a Ted...

Judging Things by Their Skin

I'm certainly not immune judging things by their skin. I've met many people that I thought were one way from first impressions and discovered I was completely wrong. Whether it's the way they dress, how they speak, their face, their gender, their race - there are a lot of outer features we use as guides to make an initial judgement.

3 Reasons to Accept Compliments

Accepting compliments. It seems like a simple thing. Someone says something nice to you, you thank them and enjoy the fact that you've been seen and acknowledged. Yet, in our society, we're taught that we must be "humble" so we have forgotten how to accept compliments just in case we get a big head and become proud. Hogwash! One of my purposes in life is to get people to accept compliments graciously. Pretending that you aren't worthy of a compliment doesn't serve anyone.

Body Love

As someone who spent a good portion of my life analyzing what I would change about myself if I had the opportunity, I am very sensitive to anything that shows people loving themselves as...

Change Your Mind With Your Body

Part of "faking it" is how you hold your body. Standing up straight, smiling, open postures and so on help you feel good and confident. Crossing your arms, slouching, scowling all make you feel small and less confident. It's a well documented fact that how you hold your body affects how you feel.

Cameron Russell on Modelling

Cameron Russell is a model. She says she "won the looks lottery". Few of us can say that. We all have something beautiful about us, but not everyone has the looks that are idealized by society. And we end up beating ourselves up about it for our whole lives.

What is Beauty?

"There's only one correct way to spell the English word "beauty." But that wasn't true centuries ago. Before the advent of the printing press, orthographic anarchy prevailed for many words. Some of beauty's variations included: bewte, beaute, beaultye, beuaute, bealte, buute, bewtee, and beaultye. I bring this up, Aquarius, because I think it would be fun and healthy for you to take a respite from having to slavishly obey standardized rules. I'm talking about not just those that apply to spelling, but others, too. See what you can get away with." (Freewill Astrology from Vue Magazine #920)

The Secret to a Happy Valentine’s Day (and life) – Loving Yourself

With Valentine's Day knocking on our doorstep, the idea of love is right in our face. The nature of this day is to look outside you for who you love - spouse, partner, friends, family. But what about loving you? You may have heard this before and it bears repeating - no one can truly love you unless you love yourself.

Judge Yourself, Others Feel Judged

The easy solution: stop judging yourself. When you're able to truly stop judging yourself it opens you up to more possibilities. It opens you up to better relationships. It opens others up to feel safer and freer with you because they don't feel judged. It makes your life fuller, more joyful, in general happier.

Older Really is Better

Kathleen also made the comment, "I'm so much more interesting now." I agree, in general, older people are more interesting. We've had more experience, we've developed our opinions and confidence. I know I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaay more interesting than I was 20 years ago.