Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Older Really is Better

Kathleen also made the comment, "I'm so much more interesting now." I agree, in general, older people are more interesting. We've had more experience, we've developed our opinions and confidence. I know I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaay more interesting than I was 20 years ago.

Lighter or Darker – How About Being What You Are?

I've ranted before about how we have the right to look like and be who we are. We are all so amazing in our differences. We are all created perfect as we are. And everywhere we look we are told we need to change. It's so hard to fight when the messages inundate us in hundreds of ways every day.

Escape the Void

What a powerful image. I can see this woman in her tower wondering what happened. Why did her youthful dreams not work out? What were those dreams, anyway. Like many, she can't even remember what they may have been - she may not even remember even having any dreams. Her life is a yawning cavern waiting for something to fill it. She toils away trying to fill the void, but it's useless because it's all without substance.

Post Valentine Thoughts

Let's use the passing of this day as a reminder that, no matter what happened yesterday, we are all beautiful and someone else thinks so too. Whether you have a significant other or not (or a significant other we are having struggles with), someone finds you beautiful - even on the days you don't.


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I Love Myself Today, but Maybe Not Tomorrow

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Change is Good – Honest

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Female Viagra – Yes or No?

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How Far is Too Far?

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Helen vs. Megan

Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis will already know this - Helen Mirren is a big hero of mine.  Wonderfully talented, gentle, and HOT for any age. Imagine my delight...