Cameron Russell on Modelling

Cameron Russell at Ted Talks
Cameron Russell at Ted Talks

Cameron Russell is a model.  She says she “won the looks lottery”.  Few of us can say that.  We all have something beautiful about us, but not everyone has the looks that are idealized by society.  And we end up beating ourselves up about it for our whole lives.

Cameron did a Ted Talks about being a model and what it really means to her and to others.  I don’t have much to add to it.  She says it very well.

The way we look affects how people see us – as she illustrates in her first seconds on stage.  It is important to project the image you want people to see of you through your appearance (professional, fun, quirky, approachable, etc).  How you feel about yourself is up to you.  YOU decide whether to love the way you look or not.  No one else can make that decision for you.

For more, watch Cameron Russell on modelling at Ted Talks.


Hugs,  Christie Mawer (The Bad Kitty)