If someone like Christie can discover the power of BEING SENSUAL and femininity, then anyone can! She wasn’t always THE BAD KITTY.

As a girl, Christie had no intention of actually being a girl. She was a tomboy. She liked to play act being male. She would suggest boy’s games like Cowboys and Indians rather than tea parties. When forced to play something girlie like House by her sister and friends – she was the dad.

She took great pride in being strong and capable and would show no signs of what she considered helplessness. To cry in front of someone, even her parents, was unfathomable. Even while watching her sister get lighter punishments by crying, she refused to shed a tear. Pink? No way!!! Ruffles and flowers? Not in your wildest dreams!

Finally, in her 30’s, Christie began a journey. In discovering her true strengths, her true desires, her true self, she began to understand the power of BEING SENSUAL and being a girl. Her BAD KITTY started to come to life.

A trained actor and speaker, Christie discovered her passion – Self Expression. She had always expressed herself in artistic ways, but now she was starting to understand that Self Expression was a lifestyle.

When she began working with a company that presented pole dancing and she discovered the power of BEING SENSUAL. She saw women of all sizes, shapes and ages come alive simply by playing with a piece of vertical stainless steel. She saw women, in a short period of time, becoming a BAD KITTY.

An idea began to form. What if I could reach larger numbers of women at a deeper level and bring back their joy, their power, their femininity and guide them in BEING SENSUAL through JOY POWER. How could she help more women be a BAD KITTY?

The result is what you see before you. A bold, unusual business helping women BE BEAUTIFUL, BE YOU. The idea pushes some buttons. Great! The idea is misunderstood. Wonderful! The idea is working. Wooo Hooo!!!!

Christie is looking forward to YOU joining in the journey of discovering your BAD KITTY. She is looking forward to YOU showing your full inner and outer beauty to the world through JOY POWER. She is looking forward to having YOU be one of thousands of women around the world who truly understand the meaning of BEING SENSUAL.

Let’s start now and have some FUN! It’s time to BE BEAUTIFUL, BE YOU!