3 Simple Ways to be Inspiring


There is a young third grader named Stella Ehrhart.  For the last year she’s been doing something that may seem a little “weird” to some.  She’s been dressing as a different historical character every day.   She developed a love for history and decided to honor that interest in this unique way.  Here she is on Ellen.

In the radio interview I heard, Mom was asked what was the hardest part of this behavior.  Her response, “The worst thing is when Stella comes to me in a panic 10 minutes before school saying that she hasn’t decided who she’s going to be today.  Sometimes I say, Why don’t you go as Stella today?”

A follow up question to Stella was is there anything wrong with being Stella?  Her response, “No, there’s nothing wrong with being Stella.  I just haven’t done anything big in the world.  Yet.”

I love the yet!

Two things stand out about this young girl:

  • her commitment to doing something she loves despite any criticism or difficulties.
  • the fact that she knows she’s going to make a difference.

This reminds me of the quote (and book) by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich “Well behaved women seldom make history.”  At such a young age, Stella already has this figured out!

Stella is already a Bad Kitty!  As the sign in the photo above states, it’s the things we may label as “bad” or “wrong” or “inappropriate” that make life interesting.  Those are the things that make us a “Bad” Kitty.

Stretch your Bad Kitty muscles by:

  • Seeing your imperfections as what makes you beautiful.  When you look in the mirror, smile at the things that usually make you frown (or you ignore completely).  Remember to accept compliments graciously – especially for the things you may not really like.
  • Acknowledging your quirks as what makes you interesting.   Everyone has something unique about their personality.  Own yours rather than trying to hide it to be more “acceptable”.
  • Being ridiculous.Do something silly and out of your comfort zone.  Challenge yourself.  Life doesn’t need to be the same old same old.  Why be bored when you can have a great time?

There are many people like Stella out there to inspire us to be unique, to be real, to take risks.  I’m sure you’ve watched your share of youtube videos or read stories about people who stepped outside the box and thought.  “Oh, if only…..”

Now’s your chance to get out of the wishing and live your life!  Those inspiring people only became inspiring by doing things that others thought were stupid or crazy.

A “Bad” Kitty knows that she is Beautiful, Authentic and Divine.  When we truly recognize that about ourselves, we can be a Kompletely Individual Totally True YOU – yes, you are a Bad Kitty too!

Do you have children or are there children in your life?  Do you want them to live a full and wonderful life?  It’s up to you to be an inspiration.  And you get to have way more fun!

What are you waiting for?

Hugs, Christie