14 Easy Ways to Show Yourself Love

Show Yourself Love
Show Yourself Love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  It is a day of love and lovers.  The color red and hearts are everywhere.  The pressure is on for grand gestures of love toward your special someone. It can be stressful for those with a partner to outdo previous years. The pressure is on for singles. As they watch happy couples all around them, sadness may creep in that they don’t have someone to share the day with.

Whether you are in a relationship or not, l’d like to remind you of the most important person who needs your love – YOU!  On Valentine’s and every other day, you deserve your own love.

In honor of the day, here are 14 Easy Ways to Show Yourself Love:

1. Keep a journal of success.  Every day write at least one thing  you acknowledge yourself for.

2. Say something positive about yourself when you look in the mirror.  Stop the judgement machine and look for good things.

3. Accept compliments graciously. Your acceptance of the generous gift from someone else who thinks highly of you is a great gift to give yourself.

4. Pat yourself on the back when you complete a difficult task.

5. When you reach a goal, give yourself a small gift of acknowledgement.

6. Speak positively to yourself. Keep the negative messages in check.

7. Eat well.  You deserve healthy, tasty food in your body.

8. Wear clothes that flatter you and make you feel amazing.

9. Exercise. Activity makes you feel good in body and mind.

10. Participate in activities/hobbies/classes.  Find ways to do things that you enjoy.

11. Set selfish goals.  Be sure to keep things that make you happy in your life.

12. Ask for what you want. Use your selfish goals and your knowledge of what you need and want to ask for it and get it.

13. Get good sleep – and enough of it.

14. Have a good sex life. Whether you are playing alone, with a partner or several partners, get what you want in the boudoir.

It’s that easy – and that difficult.  Get in the habit of doing several things every day to honor how amazing you are.  These are only 14 easy ways to show yourself love. Whether you do them all or only a few on a regular basis, you will see a shift in how you see yourself for the better.  Isn’t that worth a tiny bit of effort?  Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and continue with it every day after that!

Hugs, Christie Mawer – The Bad Kitty