Saturday, October 20, 2018
Are YOU ready to take your power back and start living again?
Then you are a BAD KITTY!

eautiful (as you are; no changes required)


uthentic (you are amazing just as you are; no changes required)


ivine (honoring your spirit, your passion, yourself)


ompletely (no compromise)


ndividual (beautiful in your uniqueness)


otally (every bit of you adds up to something fabulous)


rue (constant, unaffected by the standards of others)


ou (yes, YOU are a Bad Kitty!)

A BAD KITTY is a woman who:

  • knows who she is
  • is unafraid to express herself
  • loves being a girl
  • knows the power of being a girl
  • refuses to be invisible
  • creates her dreams
  • loves herself
  • knows that by being true to herself, she has more to give the others in her life
  • is in touch with all parts of herself, including her sexuality
  • is open hearted
  • is unstoppable
  • lives in the moment
  • stands up for herself
  • has a zest for life
  • makes a positive impact

Based on that, do YOU want to be more of a BAD KITTY?

Unleash your BAD KITTY!


We women are complex creatures. We have so many sides. Yet we’re told that some parts of us are wrong or improper or inappropriate. But they’re still part of us. THE BAD KITTY gives you the permission to experience it all. BEING SENSUAL is being who you are; good or naughty or, most likely, a combination of both.

There is no need to worry about everyone else and what they think and what they want. When you are true to yourself, you can GIVE MORE, BE MORE, LOVE MORE and ENJOY MORE. You will become a free, expressive, fun loving BAD KITTY!

BEING SENSUAL is your key to living your dreams, to happiness, to making your mark in the world in whatever way you desire. Everyone loves a BAD KITTY who stands out and stands up for what she wants!

My desire for you all is that you discover the power and joy of BEING SENSUAL. It will lead to the ultimate goal: BE BEAUTIFUL, BE YOU!